for the processor, water cooling, fans: 2, diameter: 120 mm, speed: up to 1800 rpm radiator: aluminium + copper, socket AM2, socket AM2 +, socket AM3/AM3 +/FM1, socket f +, socket 775, socket 754, socket 939, socket 940, socket 1155/1156, so BA2-241
General characteristics BA2-241
The Appointment Of for the processor
Speed regulator internal
Water cooling
Radiator material aluminium + copper
Characteristics of pumps and vodobloka BA2-241
Pump dimensions 100x70x82 mm
The performance of the pump 72 l/h
Dimensions vodobloka 45x45x30 mm
Material vodobloka copper
Coolant capacity 150 ml
The primary coolant filler propylene glycol
Weight vodobloka 180 g
Additional information BA2-241
Connector type 3-pin
Adapter to the 4-pin Molex complete
Tube inner diameter 6 mm
The amount of heat pipes 2
Highlight color missing
Work time 50000 h
Dimensions and weight of the cooler BA2-241
Depth: 59 mm
The Width Of The 302 mm
Height 124 mm